Give One Get One Program Starts Up Again

Beginning today November 17, through the end of the year, the One Laptop Per Child program is inviting people to participate in the Give One. Get One. program. What this program does is allow Americans and now Europeans to purchase the little XO computer and at the same time donate a computer that will go to a child in places like Ethiopia, Mongolia or Rwanda.

As members of the Seattle XO user group clearly remember, actually getting your hands on their ordered laptop was not easy. Many of us that ordered our laptops on the first day did get them in time for Christmas. But, many other people didn't see their laptops arrive tell well into the spring. The good news is that OLPC has handed off the fulfillment part of the program to Amazon. And, now you have clearly defined ship dates and delivery dates. So, you can order as late as December 15th and get your laptop in time for Xmas. 

For more information about ordering the XO laptop visit