Meeting this Sunday!

Hello fellow XO laptop users!

It's time for our second meeting, this Sunday, January 27, at 2pm at the Saturday House. We'll probably go until 5 or so.

(Directions and links below)

There's no formal agenda for this month, but we can spend time helping each other with our little computers.

We will be doing more Opera web-browser installs, Doom and SimCity game installs, lessons on how to re-image your machine if things get totally messed up, and share insight and ideas on playing audio and video files.

Plus, if you haven't been able to get TMobile working, bring your login information and we can work on getting that working.

Please RSVP if you think you will be attending. (Click to RSVP)

(If you would prefer a weeknight meeting sometime, like Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, starting at 6pm, please respond and let us know. Maybe we'll do an evening meeting sometime too!)

A couple of other items:
- There's plenty of electricity and extensions, but you might want to bring your XO power adapter along. Write your name on it or on some tape, so you go home with the correct one.
- There's also plenty of WiFi
- The door on 1st Ave has a call box, press #5 and wait to be buzzed in.
- It's a couple of very steep staircases up to the Saturday House space. There's hand-rails, please be careful with coming up.
- If you can't manage the stairs, there is a freight elevator on the back of the building which is wheelchair capable. Please give me a call on my cell phone, and I'll come meet you. Chris Altwegg 206-523-6477)

Dress warmly, it can be kinda chilly in the Saturday House space. And if you need computer glasses, be sure to bring those, the menus in Opera are TINY,
but worth it! Even if you haven't gotten your machine yet, please come!

Chris Altwegg, Tim Celeski, Wayne Wong
Seattle XO User Group

Saturday House:
1952 First Ave. S., Suite 5, Seattle