Meeting Sunday Dec 30, 1pm

Happy holidays to all Seattle area OLPC XO enthusiasts:

Over the past couple of weeks, we've collected about 45 email addresses of folks who are interested in some kind of group for XO laptop users and friends.

We'd like to have a get-together and planning meeting this Sunday, December 30, at 1 pm at the Saturday House meeting space. It's in the SODO area of Seattle. (Address and map below.)

The purpose of this meeting is to just have some fun, some learning, and later do some talk about the various elements of putting together the user group and set up a basic structure for it. It will probably go for 2 - 3 hours.

We will try to have folks around to help you install Opera (a web browser that makes all the difference for using this little machine) as well as exploring some of the software and other capabilities. The space has WiFi so we'll be able to connect to the internet.

After we play for a couple of hours, we need to decide the mission of the group, when and where we might meet for regular meetings. Most likely we will also want to initiate several SIGs (Special Interest Groups) in areas such as "New Users," "Programming," "Locally supporting the OLPC global mission" just to give some examples.

All are welcome to stay for the planning meeting, but please be prepared to share the work. If you can't come or can't undertake this project, please share your ideas for the group.
1. What would a user group provide to you?
2. How sophisticated or simple should it be?
3. When would be your first choice of a meeting day and time?
4. What is your second choice of day and time?

Please RSVP so we have some idea of how many folks might be there.

Dress warmly, it can be kinda chilly in the Saturday House space. And if you need computer glasses, be sure to bring those, the menus in Opera are TINY, but worth it! Even if you haven't gotten your machine yet, please come!

Chris Altwegg, Tim Celeski, Wayne Wong
Seattle XO User Group

Saturday House:
1952 First Ave. S., Suite 5, Seattle



  1. CP said,

    I was there but didn't take photos of the "rooms of happy XO'ers" -- I hope someone posts a link to fun photos of the meeting of the XO's

    Also, here's a link to Seattle Times article

    on December 30, 2007 at 10:10 PM